Quotes Said By No Politician Ever

Tuesday night at the Vice-Presidential debate, Tim Kaine uttered what has become somewhat vogue in politics: “I am personally opposed to abortion, but…” This is almost always followed by an explanation of how the politician cannot impose his personal views on others. Isn’t that what politics is supposed to be about? Don’t we send people inside the Beltway to right a wrong, correct an injustice, or make a difference based on who they are or what they believe?

Imagine this quote from a politician: “I am personally opposed to guns and gun violence, but the Second Amendment is the law of the land, and it wouldn’t be right for me to impose my personal views on others.” Certainly, the Second Amendment is “settled law,” yet there is no end to attacks upon it by the anti-gun lobby and those politicians who have a financial and/or political benefit to weakening it.

And then this imaginary quote from before January 31, 1865: “I am personally opposed to slavery, but it is legal in the United States, and others shouldn’t be forced to adhere to my personal, moral views.” Thankfully, there were men and women with courage and moral fortitude who were willing to fight a difficult and prolonged battle to stop the subjugation of our brothers and sisters.

This post isn’t about abortion per se, for I’ve already written about that here, where I shared the story of our first pregnancy. What this post is about is our own inconsistencies as voters in what we demand from our candidates, and the pass we give in allowing our politicians to espouse a private code while publicly acting against it.

Tim Kaine went on to say his biggest struggle between his “religion” and his public life was the death penalty! Considering the highly adjudicated process of requiring the life of a heinous criminal, Mr Kaine finds that more problematic than taking an innocent life?

I’ve asked myself why someone would be “personally” opposed to abortion… Over and over, I cannot come up with any explanation other than a recognition it is an innocent life. If it’s not an innocent life, then it’s just a medical procedure that nobody could or should oppose, like the removal of a polyp or a mole. 

If a candidate says they have a moral standard, they should stand on what they know to be true! We should not allow them to seek cover for inaction while hiding behind their “religion.” It is duplicitous and guileful. And we accept it as normal. Too often, our politicians acknowledge a moral stand with their lips, but deny it with their voting record. To borrow from Brennan Manning, it’s what an unbelieving electorate simply finds unbelievable.


4 thoughts on “Quotes Said By No Politician Ever

  1. Kail Harbick says:

    Great post! Thank you for writing about the difficult topics.
    It is the church, not the schools or the hospitals or the businesses, that set the moral standards in the world; so, if the church won’t stand up for what is right or wrong then who will?
    Our politicians.

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  2. S. Jean Martin says:

    True…….Christians apparently have no place for their rights anymore ……..only the “politically correct” have rights anymore!! I think we should all have access to choose! Some of us still believe there is a power bigger than humans!! 😱🙄😊


  3. Jeremiah says:

    Good post Ron, as usual.

    This election has been heart-wrenching for Karenda and I. So much politics… So much unsurety. We’re forced to consider two candidates for president, neither of which are fit for the job. Hillary is clearly a dishonest women and Trump is an immoral man. There are many aspects which a leader should possess – honesty, transparency, integrity, communication, confidence, intuition, and decisiveness. These two candidates seem to lack the first three.

    I think we face a difficult decision in the coming weeks, maybe even a choice between two evils. Which is greater, which is less? Only time will tell…

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  4. Paul Kuzina says:

    Ron, thank you! I withdrew from watching the debates, as I found them patently painful. In the first debate Trump made me nervous, and I couldn’t tolerate the Cheshire Cat grin coming from Hillary. I simply found my blood pressure going up!

    A few people told me the VP debate was better. I know Pence is a solid believer from what I’ve heard. However, we don’t see true, stalwart leadership headed to Washington. Our national moral slide is now in a free fall. And your point crystallizes one of the big problems: who running for office is strong enough to take a stand and not hide behind such PC phrases as “I am personally opposed…BUT….”
    Even more specifically–since our trust CANNOT be in politicians–can we as the Church stand against the riptide of evil that’s eroding our moral fibers?

    About a week ago I was meditating on the verse in II Timothy which says, “and all those who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus SHALL suffer persecution.” I found myself crying out to the Lord, “Oh Jesus, I feel so weak! I do not trust myself to be able to stand as I should! I fear that I may stumble and let you down! I don’t want to fail You when I am under fire!” Immediately I sensed His loving Presence as He spoke to my heart, “You are my beloved! Do not be fearful! It is My strength, not your frailty, that will enable you to stand for me!”

    We will be needing that strength increasingly in the days to come!

    Thanks again Ron for sharing your articulate thoughts! Keep them coming brother!


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