In Her Own Words

March 27, 2014 stood tall for Valérie and me.

On this day, the doctor diagnosed Valérie with metastatic carcinoma breast cancer. I then accessed the American Cancer Society website and it described this type as “the most feared form of breast cancer…little in the way of treatment.” In bewilderment and shock, I thought I would lose my wife.

Little did the Alexander family know then that, exactly two years later, March 27, 2016, Easter Sunday, Valérie would give her video testimony to God’s healing and of His continued presence while she underwent bleak, challenging, devastating, painful and lonely times.

Except for Valérie’s closest friends and relatives, no one could possibly know how difficult this video task was for her. With the exception of a speaking engagement at a women’s retreat, this was the only time she had spoken publicly about her journey.

As you’ll hear in the video below, her testimony is accompanied by a powerful rendition of the song “It Is Well,” led by our dear friend Sarah Schoenherr.

Whether Valérie lived or died, her trust centered in Jesus.

“Through it all, through it all, my eyes are on you…

And it is well with me…”

With no reservation, I assure all that the words captured Valérie’s heart. Whether she lived or died was not her primary concern. Rather, regardless of the outcome, she simply wanted God to redeem her pain for the benefit of others.

It wasn’t until a most anxious of days, when we thought Valérie was going back into chemo, that I, too, released it all. And though all I wanted was to grow old with my wife, I told the Lord that whatever happened, it, too, was well with me!

Valérie, our daughters, and I share this journey with you now. In the midst of pain, in the middle of heartache and sorrow, stands the One who knows and sees.

His name is Jesus. And because our eyes are on Him, it is well…